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McCullin – A Documentary

“War is partly madness, mostly insanity and the rest of it’s schizophrenia and you do ask yourself why am I hear? What is my purpose. What’s this got to do with photography?” Don McCullin is without a doubt the worlds most famous ‘War Photographer’ (a title he now detests) having captured many iconic images from […]

Down for maintenance

The site is going to be down intermittently over the weekend for some maintenance whilst we try to dig out a piece of adware which has gotten into the site. Rest assured it’s not posing any danger apart from being annoying. Its been pissing us off something chronic over the last few days and we’re […]

North east Scotland seabirds

It’s sometimes easy to forget the amazing photographic opportunities we have right in our back yard. We asked our resident wildlife photographer Icarus Owen to show us some of the things we might otherwise miss. He’s started with seabirds. The north east of Scotland has several excellent locations for viewing and photographing seabirds. During the early […]

Studio collective


Update: We’ve pushed the studio project very hard over the last few weeks but unfortunately have come to the point of no return and are about 2 members short of making it work. We were offered the studio at the last minute under the understanding that we only had a few weeks to get everything […]

Film Ferrania…… Who?

  The last 10 years have seen digital technology all but destroy the once great analogue behemoths of the film industry. With every increase in mega pixels came crashing another company. A strange thing has been happening though over the last few years.  The last remaining film companies started to see a levelling out of […]


Due to the breakdown of our scanner all film scanning services are on hold for a minimum of 1 week. We will keep everyone updated as we proceed with repairs. This is in addition to our phones, broadband and card processing. Basically, its been a rubbish month so feel free to pop by and keep […]

Some changed opening this week….

Because of ennan being on holiday (lucky bugger) and couple of other things we are having to operate reduced opening times over the next couple of days: Thu 3rd April 1pm-6pm Fri 4th April 1pm-6pm Sat closed Mon back to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience, if you need something please email me on I’m […]


Since switching to the blog format our site has been inundated with spam comments. Here’s some of the more amusing highlights… First up this bat-shit daffy moon-talk: “We’ve previously had all these Louis Vuitton outlet for not over 2 weeks. The idea going pouring A few days earlier i walked inside a puddle involving yellow […]