Yum Yum, free DXO software to spice up your images!

DXO are, for a very short time, giving away their Film pack version 3!

This lightroom and photoshop plugin also works as a stand alone piece of software and allows you to emulate the look and feel of shed loads of old films with a host of slide, negative and black and white included along with controls and sliders for grain, as well as color and more. Our pro tip is to try it out for your black and white conversions, you can really enhance your workflow by using it as a plugin and get a great look in no time. The version being given away is one behind the current one so their aim is to hook you so they can get you on the upgrade but knowing that it’s still a great piece of software. All they ask for is an e-mail address and your away with the free download.

Follow this link to get your mits on the goodies;


We’re big fans of DXO, their benchmarks are a cornerstone of the industry and the software is top notch. The thing I think I love about this software is that its not just a cheap filter set. DXO actually spent thousands of hours sampling the colors and grain structure of all the films in as scientific a way as they do with their sensor tests so you know you’ve got as close an approximation of the films soul as your ever going to get on digital.

Whilst your over at their site you might also want to try out the free trial for DXO optics. Its a lightroom level editing suit but with one difference that makes it stand out. The Prime de-noiser is one of the best things I’ve seen in a very long time, throw a raw file at it and give it some time (like sometimes over an hour) and it will do wonders with your image. As a rule of thumb I will quite happily take a camera up a good 2-3 stops on the ISO than I would usually be comfortable with and know that if i need to i can clean up the image no bother. This thing is pretty amazing and i would recomend anyone give it a try if they are thinking of upgrading DSLR camera to get better performance at higher ISO.


  1. Liam Rye August 2, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

    This is great, I like that people want their photographs to have the soul, texture of film etc. But can’t you just shoot film if you want your pictures to look like film?


    • Lee Bateman August 2, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

      I have to admit I agree. Nothing beats a good roll of film for overall quality, tone and soul.

      Something like the film pack comes in when when you need the advantages of digital but still want some of the feel of film. Both digital and analogue have their place and i like they are learning to live together. I’ve been enjoying the ways people have been using digital and analogue together. Things like http://www.fojo.me/ are going to be huge part of analogues future.


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