Instant film anyone?

we’ve been asked quite a lot lately about polaroid film, with questions pretty much centring on if it can still be bought and where from. Our first question back at them is, what camera do you have? which is mostly met with blank stares and silence! There are of course dozens, if not hundreds, of different polaroid cameras out there and as many films made over years but with polaroid no longer in existance what are your options?

How much Survived the collapse of polaroid?

So the company itself is no more but all is not lost! A small group of enthusiasts stepped in and bought the polaroid factory. They named their company the ‘impossible project’. Why? Because their aim was to re create instant film in a way that would be economically viable for the 21st century. With only a month or so before the money ran out they cracked it! The company has since grown and offers a range of color and black and white film



In addition to the offerings by the impossible project Fuji also make instant film which is suitable for some polaroid cameras. FP-100c is a color film compatible with a lot of the 100, 200, 300 and 400 series cameras as well as FP-3000b. A black and white film which is sadly being discontinued.

At photoghost we stock a wide range of both impossible project and fuji instant film including the discontinued FP-3000b black and white film. give us a shout on 01224 596067 or pop past our shop in the centre of Aberdeen.

Impossible project color 600 – £20

Impossible project Black and white 600 – £20

Fujifilm Fp-100c – £13

Fp-3000b Black and white – £20



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