McCullin – A Documentary

“War is partly madness, mostly insanity and the rest of it’s schizophrenia and you do ask yourself why am I hear? What is my purpose. What’s this got to do with photography?”

Don McCullin is without a doubt the worlds most famous ‘War Photographer’ (a title he now detests) having captured many iconic images from some of the worlds bloodiest conflicts. This documentary explores his career from his humble beginnings photographing the gangs on the streets of London, through the building of the Berlin wall, into the civil war of the Congo, the war in Vietnam and the troubles in Northern Ireland.
Don takes us through a selection of images and provides a detailed account of how each one came to be. He goes on to detail his inner conflicts as he grappled with the morality of surrounding his career. He questions the validity of his work and whether he had the right to document these terrible atrocities. This fascinating insight into the work of one of the worlds best photographers is highly recommended.

The Documentary is available on DVD or Netflix.

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