Operation: Spruce the moose!

If you’ve been in the lab over the last few days you will have noticed a slightly larger than usual collection of rubbish taking up space. You see, we have a cunning plan! A plan so cunning that….. ok, you get the idea (best blackadder quote in the comments wins some admiration).

We will be closing over the latter part of this week to  put in new cabinets, a display fridge and generally spruce up the place ready for a new start next week.

We will therefore be closed:  Thu, Fri, Sat.

If you have any work with us please e-mail lee@photoghostlab to arrange pickup and if you need anything done urgently then let us know because we will probably be able to accommodate.


What’s new?

1.  New services. E6 Slide and black and white

We weren’t very happy about the black and white machine giving up the ghost and so we started to look around at alternatives. Assuming we can iron out the details over the next week or so we should be ready begin offering both Black and white and E6 on a 7-14 day turnaround. Its not quite the same day we offered previously on Black and white.  The pricing will be a little higher than our C41 and is still to be confirmed so stay tuned.

2.  Home developing.

A huge number of people we talk to seem to have the impression that developing film at home takes a huge amount of space and a expense. Well it doesn’t!

film kit

We’ve put all the equipment you need to develop your own films into one handy kit and its only £40!! It even comes with chemicals to develop your first 5 films. Just add a darkened room and your away.  We’ll be running a workshop day where anyone can come along and develop their own film on the spot to see how easy it is.

We will also be stocking a range of chemistry for both paper and film as well as second hand enlargers and papers.

3. Lomography.

From next week we will be stocking a range of lomography film and cameras. From redscale through to the Diana and a whole lot more besides. All in our lovely new glass cabinets which Ennan is toiling away over as i type….



Lomo Cameras – We will have the Holga, Konstructor, sprocket rocket, fisheye, fisheye 2, Diana +, Diana F, Diana Mini, Color splash 35 as well as a range of accesories.

Lomo Film – Lomochrome Purple, Slide, Redscale, Lady grey, Earl Grey. Lomography color 100 and 400.  Lots of well priced film generally sold in 3 packs.


4. Other Film.

New film to feast upon;

Adox 20 – “The sharpest, most fine grained and highest resolving image recording system in the world.” We not even joking, this stuff is impressive! Aparently the 35mm can be enlarged to 2.5 metres diagonally without visible grain! We have it in both 35mm and 120.

Adox silvermax – A larger than usual silver content gives this film amazingly deep blacks. Lovely stuff.

Color implosion – way less serious than the last 2! This colour 100 ISO film has the grain of an 800 speed film with some quirky colours that can be affected by the speed the film is rated at. The colours are punchy as hell as well!

Cinestill – We’ve had an eye on this for a while now and its finally here! If your not familiar its Kodak’s world famous vision 3 500t cinema film altered to allow it to be processed in normal C41 chemistry. This video goes through how technically amazing the new version of vision 3 is. Its an 800 speed tungsten balanced film so think night time mixed lighting street shooting!

5. A shiny new website.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a shiny new website that will allow you to place orders as well as bringing you our blog and regular articles from photoghost friends and fellow creatives. This one might take a little longer to get perfect but we are very excited and can’t wait to let you guys see it!

Lots going on over the next week or so. We’re sorry we have to close but its a little too much for us to do and still hang out to chat with you lovely people. Remember, give us a shout if you need anything. We alsways, we will try to help.


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