Which print option? & preparing your files

File preparation is a very important part of submitting your work for print and is often overlooked. Please bear in mind the following before sending your images to be printed;

Whilst not strictly relevant to this section it does need addressed. The rules around copyright are too long to go into here but there are some simple rules to keep you right:

If you didn’t take the photo you have no right to copy, save or print it.

It’s that simple. Here’s a quick list of things you can’t do that come up regularly

  1. Facebook images copies from other people’s pages can’t be printed without the owners permission. Did you take the picture, No? Then you can’t print it!
  2. Printing images you saved off the internet or google image search. Did you take the picture/ draw/ paint the image? No? Then you can’t print it.
  3. Reproduce wedding photos. Did you or family buy a print from the wedding photographer 40 years ago? Doesn’t matter. You still need permission from the photograoher or his estate to reproduce it. If you purchased the CD/Memory stick from the photographer you should have a letter giving you the permission to print. Please keep it and bring with along to the Lab, include a copy with your order or contact for advice. An e-mail or a phone call from the photographer is often all it takes.

By submitting work for print you declare that you are the copyright owner or have permission to reproduce the work. if we suspect otherwise we will ask for proof. please don’t be offended if we can’t print something for you. We work with many professional photographers and our incomes are connected to the ownership of photos and other art works.

Choosing the right print type.

At Photoghost we offer a range of digital print options to suit every need from a cheap and punchy glossy print through to some of the worlds best fine art papers.

Standard photographic papers come in a choice of both gloss and lustre and are availible from 6×4 inches right upto 1mx1.5m. For our most common print sizes we offer discounts built into the online system. For those printing larger amounts and can quote on discounts for. Please ask for details.

Art matt – For those wanting the look and feel of a fine art paper in smaller prints (upto 8×12 inches) but for a fraction of the price we offer Art matt.  A totally matt paper with no sheen. Its a little less heavy weight than its fine art cousins but offers excellent color rendition without any of the sheen you would expect from a small print. Only available in the following sizes: 6×4, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10 and 8×12. Art matt gives those on a budget a truly beautiful alternative to fine art papers.

Our fine art giclee prints  – allow a choice of 6 papers which allow the photographer/artist great flexibility in creating the perfect look and feel. They range from textured matt papers through to metallic supergloss papers and are detailed bellow

Which fineart giclee paper

Ilford Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm – Crowned Best giclee paper in the world a few years ago this Baryta based heavyweight paper offers excellent tonal range and huge gamut. Its light sheen and smooth base makes it ideal for almost any application. Its the perfect all rounder!

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm – a matt cotton based rag paper and without doubt the most popular in our fine art range. The paper texture is almost velvet like and images are rendered very naturally. This paper suits a wide range of applications but we have found it most suitable for fine art photography.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm – a cotton based rag paper with a pearl sheen, deep blacks and saturated colours. More texture in the base than the gold fibre silk but less than Durer.

Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer 210gsm – A lightweight textured watercolour paper. Gives images an almost painterly feel whic is why we often describe it as a waer color paper. Because of the rough texture busy images with a lot of detail are often not suited but simple images can really be brought to life.

Kodak Metallic 255gsm – a super gloss paper with an iridescent sheen. Blacks are deep and colours punchy. Also excellent for black and white as mid tones are rendered silver.

We’ve worked hard to give a rounded list of fine art papers which we think cover most bases. Having said that we can’t have everything so if you have a specific need please get in touch as we can source almost anything. A minimum order value applies.


Whilst TIFF files will not compress your images a decent JPEG is often indistinguishable and will save you a huge amount of time uploading. Its upto you to make the decision but please only send either JPEGS or TIFF files.

DPI and resolution

This stands for Dots Per Inch and is very important. 300 dpi has always been considered the gold standard in photographic printing but in recent years technology has improved. Upon close inspection it is now possible to see an improvement upto around 600 dpi in our opinion. We understand however that this is not often possible so we now leave the decision up to you. If you have a low resolution image you are concerned about please get in touch.

Tips for low resolution images and Facebook images

Images from Facebook are heavily compressed and are of a low resolution to keep load times on the website to a minimum. This means that even attempting to print a 6×4 image from a file downloaded from facebook can be a challenge. Please try to get hold of the original image from either the camera or phone that took it as it will almost certainly offer more quality than the Facebook download.

Images copied from other peoples facebook accounts are not yours and you can not print them. Please do not submit them for printing!

If you have a low resolution image you need printed and can not get a higher resolution file there are sometimes options depending on how bad the situation is. Photoshop has always done a good job of up scaling.

Photoshop CC has an amazing tool which can be used as follows:

From the image menu select images size then select the final desired image size making sure the units are correct (Probably inches).  Making sure re sample ticked and the method is “preserve details (enlargement)” set the DPI to 600 and adjust the reduce noise scaler using the preview to judge the best level. Once your happy hit ok and wait until Photoshop has done its work. “Save As”

Aspect ratio. The shape of your image

This is possibly the most simple but also the most overlooked so please read carefully;

We apply ‘Fit in’ to you images as standard; meaning that we will fit your whole image into to the print size you ask us for. This means that if your image is a different shape to the one you have ordered you will receive an image smaller along one edge.

For example: If you were to send us this image (which is in 8×12) 8x12
and asked for an 8×10 your image would be sized to, ‘fit in’ to the 8×10 meaning it would be 10 inches long by a little over 6 1/2 inches. Compared to the 8×10 ordered you would get this;

Fit in 10x8


Digital prints under 8×12 will be supplied with the white edge but with giclee and fine art Giclee (our print methods above 8×12) this will be trimmed for you.

Custom size prints

Whilst we have a wide selection of sizes available to order on-line there are going to be times when people need an odd size.

Above 8×12 all prints are produced on a roll of larger paper. Because of this we offer a custom size service so if you need something that isn’t listed you can often just order the next appropriate size up and leave a message when uploading your files. For example. If you needed a print 20 inches by 29 inches you could select 20×30 and leave us a note when uploading. Please make this note as clear as possible and if in doubt call or email us when you order for advice. This also goes if you need something so outlandish that you can’t see an appropriate size like a 5×50 inches. Just call or e-mail and we’ll sort you out.

Lastly, if there is anything that doesn’t make sense then please just ask! We can be reached on 01224 596 067 or info@photoghostlab.com



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    where do i upload my pics ??


    • Lee Bateman July 28, 2014 at 7:02 pm #

      Hi Andrew,

      the digital printing tab along the top of the page has everything you need. From the top of the list go through each section from info and pricing, through preparing your files to buying the products and then finally sending us you images. If your having trouble feel free to give us a call during business hours on 01224 596067 and we’ll be happy to help you out. Regards,



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