Film scanning/archiving

At Photoghost we offer some of the finest quality scans of both negatives and prints. We offer a range of services to suit almost any need. If you don’t see what you need then please get in touch on and we will probably be able to sort you out.

Scans at time of process – £4 per roll

Cut negative/post process scans – £7.00

Custom hand scans at time of processing- £10

Prices are per roll 35mm and 120

Getting your film scanned at the time of processing is both quick and easy! We scan at high quality as standard for all processing with scan products.

Our scans are producced using the Fuji SP2000 professional film scanner and are 3000 px on the short edge meaning that 35mm film is scanned at 3000×4500 px giving an image fuji sp2000which can be printed upto around A2 in size. Other size negatives will give different resolutions but always with 3000px on the short edge. Your Jpeg images are individually assessed  with basic color balancing and adjusting of brightness. This service is suitable for all standard sized negatives; 35mm, half frame (assuming the whole roll has been shot in half frame) 35mm square. 120 (6×4.5/6×6/6×7/6×8/6×9).

Custom hand scans – £10 

With our custom hand scans each frame will be taken into photoshop for fine tuning of the color balance with dust and imperfection removal. Whilst we give all your film a great deal of attention there is only so much in our standard service we can do for £4, therfor we have this premium service for those who demand the highest level of attention. Our technician will spend upto 45 minutes working on your film to give the very best results.

This service should also be used for all cameras which produce odd size images. Hasselblad xpan, Lomography cameras like the sprocket rocket, lomokino, spinner 360, Diana mini when frame size is mixed between square and half frame, 120 6×12.  For our lomographic customers we will not white balance your film unless you ask us to! We know how much you love the randomness of color!

 Digital archiving of large collections.

Negatives don’t last forever so if you have an old collection of film stored away in a shoe box somewhere its important to get a digital backup. We offer great discounted rates for the archiving of old collections. The more you have the better the discount! Give us an e-mail on or pop into the branch to have a chat. We will tailor a package to your needs, budget and collection size.

 Fine Art reproduction and scanning.

Artists often require a either a reproduction of their work or a digital copy which really does it justice! We work closely with artists to capture their work and produce a digital image/fine art print of their work. We can take you through a range of papers or even source something new to find the closest match.

This is a bespoke service and pricing depends on the art in question, size and requirements so please get in touch on; to discuss your options.


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