Does an image have to be sharp….?

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Estimating the number of words written on the subject of ‘sharpness’ in photography would be difficult and probably futile. The subject is fraught with subjective discussions on what makes a ‘sharp’ image. Discussions, both real and online, are frequent and often inconclusive. Many of these discussions miss an important point – the final image. The […]

Yongnuo Nikon 50mm f1.8.

Yongnuo nikon 50mm f1.8

Its been rumored for a while that Yongnuo were working on clones of nikon lenses. After the Canon 50mm 1.8 it’s no surprise that they would want to replicate it’s relative success and finally, at the Photo & Imaging 2015 exhibition in Shanghai they finally let the cat outr of the bag with an all […]

McCullin – A Documentary

“War is partly madness, mostly insanity and the rest of it’s schizophrenia and you do ask yourself why am I hear? What is my purpose. What’s this got to do with photography?” Don McCullin is without a doubt the worlds most famous ‘War Photographer’ (a title he now detests) having captured many iconic images from […]

Down for maintenance

The site is going to be down intermittently over the weekend for some maintenance whilst we try to dig out a piece of adware which has gotten into the site. Rest assured it’s not posing any danger apart from being annoying. Its been pissing us off something chronic over the last few days and we’re […]

North east Scotland seabirds

It’s sometimes easy to forget the amazing photographic opportunities we have right in our back yard. We asked our resident wildlife photographer Icarus Owen to show us some of the things we might otherwise miss. He’s started with seabirds. The north east of Scotland has several excellent locations for viewing and photographing seabirds. During the early […]

Studio collective


Update: We’ve pushed the studio project very hard over the last few weeks but unfortunately have come to the point of no return and are about 2 members short of making it work. We were offered the studio at the last minute under the understanding that we only had a few weeks to get everything […]